Repair, services Bill Validators, Coin Validators. Design and produce electronic devices for vending machines.
Dear visitors! Information on our website will be of interest to all those who operate and produce vending machines, amusement machines, gaming machines, payment terminals and the like. Our company was founded in 2010. We are located in Lviv, Ukraine and provide repair services for Bill Validators, Coin Validators, Thermal Printers. Any repair (including warranty) is conducted by a qualified specialist using modern equipment and original spare parts. We carry out repairs of any complexity including microcontroller replacement and board recovery after liquid spills. During repair, in most cases, only electronic components are changed (not the whole board) that allows reducing the repair costs. Any repair price is negotiated on a case-by-case basis after the free diagnostics.
We also design and produce electronic devices based on microcontrollers for vending machines (for more information, see Services). You can also buy different components, including the used ones that have been renovated by our specialist almost to the level of a new product.
We cooperate with such shipping companies as Meest Corporation Inc, UPS, and DHL.
On the pages of our website, you can obtain information about certain aspects regarding preventive measures and repairs of different machines and their components, download technical documentation, firmware and much more for free (see section Archive).